Pallet washers

Pallet washers


Pallet washers and pallet cleaning

The food industry throughout the world uses many different pallets for different purposes. Small pallets, large pallets, square pallets, rectangle pallets, there are countless pallet variants. Yet for all these pallet variants we can supply a corresponding industrial cleaningPallet washers and pallet cleaning and handling system.

Synergic Circle Theory
The pallet washers of Numafa CL are designed and developed to the highest standards to create the best possible pallet cleaning results for cleaning pallets ergonomically. The cleaning systems are built to a hygienic and robust manner to ensure they work according to the Synergic Circle Theory. This means that an optimal relation

exist between the water force, the washing temperature, the pass trough time and the detergent. This combination produces a perfect washing result against the lowest cost per washed itemPallet washers.

All of the Numafa CL pallet washers can be used as a stand alone machine and can be easily integrated in a (third party) line as well. Both options offer the possibilities between manual infeed/outfeed and automatic infeed/outfeed. These machinesPallet washers can also be designed with an integrated filtration unit. It is even possible to remove labels from the pallets by means of an optimal high pressure label remover.Pallet washers

Pallet washers PWMV Pallet washers PWMV-E
Capacity trays/hours

Width (including tank)

7'9" = 2350 mm
6' = 1830 mm
Width (excluding tank)
3' 2" = 1215 mm
4' 4" = 1320 mm
19' 4" = 3600 mm
6' 10" = 2085 mm
5' 11" = 1805 mm
6' 10" = 2085 mm
Loading height
1' 3 1/2" = 395 mm
1' 9 12" = 550 mm
Tank capacity Pallet washers
80 Gallon = 300 litre

0,03" = 0,75 mm
Wedge-wire screen

0,06" = 1,5 mm
Perforated sheet
Electric connection
480V @ 60 Hz or 400V @ 50 Hz
-Stainless steel heat exchanger
-Steam injection
Max. product size
8" x 3' 3" = 200 x 1000 mm WxH
Pallet transport
Pallet washersBy means of a stainless steel wedge wire belt driven by a gearmotor