Label Removal

Label Removal

Labels and glue
The High Pressure Label Remover (HPLR) removes different kinds of labels that are placed on the crate during its cycle in the supply chain. (Label Removal or Label Remover)This solution(Label Removal or Label Remover) can be integrated as part of a newly ordered washing system and can also be integrated into an existing system. Because of the use of many kinds of labels (paper, plastics) and glues, different configurations of pressure and nozzles are used to ensure that the labels are properly removed.(Label Removal or Label Remover)

Various types of crates can be handled by our label remover(Label Removal or Label Remover) unit and depending on the crate design even all four sides can be cleaned in one pass through the washing tunnel. In some cases it is even possible to remove stickers from the inside of the crate.

High pressure Depending on the type of label and glue, multi-stage centrifugal pumps or plunger pumps are used. The common ones are 20, 35, 40 and 160 Bar.

When removing labels, small particles of label residue can enter the washing water which need to be removed by filtration. For 20/35/40 Bar pressure centrifugal pumps are used. These pumps require special types of filtration such as a drum strainer or a belt filter. For 160 Bar pressure a plunger pump is needed. This pump requires fine filtration, which we can provide by means of our specially developed Rotating Fine Filtration Unit (RFFU).

  20 Bar 35 Bar 40 Bar 160 Bar
(Label Removal or Label Remover)Nozzles
hardened stainless steel
hardened stainless steel
flat jet
dirt baster
(Label Removal or Label Remover)Power
15 kW
15 + 11 kW (2 pumps)
45 kW
37 kW
(Label Removal or Label Remover)Flow
15 m3/hr
15 m3/hr
20 m3/hr
8 m3/hr