Crate washers

Crate washers

The Eco Clean Master cratewasheris our stardard industrial cleaning system cratewasher, specifically for smaller capacities. The machine is of modular design so it is possible to utilise this machine as a stand alone cleaning system or in combination with a pre-washing system, a main-washing system and an airblow drying system. Depending on your needs and demands, multiplle modules can be linked to each other. Furthermore, this cleaning system crate washers can easily be adjusted to different types of crates.

This unique concept offers many advantages. The machine crate washers is standard, which facilitates serial production and results in a fast delivery from our stock. All sections have the same measurements. Numafa CL is able to offer a low-prices cleaning system, naturally maintaining high quality, thorough and powerful cleaning. This machine crate washers is the absolute 'master' amongst the smaller washing installations.

Besides the low price, the Eco Clean Master cratewasherowes its name to special qualities, such as the low use of energy, easy cleaning and easy access to the machine. This robust and solid built cleaning system is a standard product; it is easily installed within any companycratewasher.

ECM ECM-Q 400 ECM-Q 600 ECM-Q 800
Capacity trays/hours

Width (door closed)

3' 11" = 1200 mm
Width (door open)
3' 11" = 1200 mm
9' 10" = 3006 mm
13' 2" = 4006 mm
16' 5" = 5006 mm
Height (door closed)
5' 7" = 1690 mm
Height (door open)
8' 7" = 2620 mm
9' 7" = 2920 mm
9' 11" = 3030 mm
Tank capacity
90 Gallon = 340 Litre
1506 Gallon = 570 Litre

0,03" = 0,75 mm
Wedge-wire screen

Electric connection
480V @ 60 Hz or 400V @ 50 Hz
-Stainless steel heat exchanger
-Steam injection
Direct gas fired burner
Max. product size
2' 1,5" x 1' 13 3/4" = 650 x 400 mm WxH